hot dog

/ˈhɒt dɒg / (say 'hot dog), /hɒt ˈdɒg / (say hot 'dog)

1. a hot frankfurter or sausage, especially as served in a split roll with mustard or sauce.
2. a short surfboard designed to turn quickly back and forth across the wave.
3. US an expert.
4. US (an exclamation indicating enthusiasm, admiration, surprise, etc.)
Also, hot-dog, hotdog. {def. 1 from dog, obsolete US slang for a sausage, with reference to suspicions about the source of the meat}
/hɒt ˈdɒg / (say hot 'dog)

a galaxy which is extremely bright but shrouded in dust with a mass that is concentrated in the black hole at the centre; possibly an early stage of galaxy evolution.
{hot + d(ust)-o(bscured) g(alaxy)}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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